Underground Pool Blanket Box


House your pool blanket/ cover underground!

• Anodised aluminium lid that sits flush to decking or paving.

• Internal mechanisms have been selected to prevent rust or corrosion, and promote durability and sustainability.

• Compact internal mechanism allows a pool blanket to be stored and protected from UV rays and harsh weather.

• Blanket box handle has its own built in perch to allow easy access, as well as to prevent loss.

• Functional design for one person operation.

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NOTE: For R500 – Custom Underground Blanket Box Custom Size pricing please use the Contact Form to provide dimension details.

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The Sunline Australia Underground Pool Blanket Box is an innovative design that neatly houses your pool blanket. It’s a great addition to any new or existing swimming pool area. Once installed, it provides an aesthetically pleasing place to relax and entertain. Sunline Australia contemporary design is manufactured from robust structural PVC and quality assured.

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R500 – 2.5 : Underground Blanket Box 2.5 Metre, R500 – 3 : Underground Blanket Box 3 Metre, R500 – 3.5 : Underground Blanket Box 3.5 Metre, R500 – 4 : Underground Blanket Box 4 Metre, R500 – 4.5 : Underground Blanket Box 4.5 Metre, R500 – 5 : Underground Blanket Box 5 Metre, R500 – 5.5 : Underground Blanket Box 5.5 Metre, R500 – 6 : Underground Blanket Box 6 Metre