Aquavent™ Solar Pool Blanket

$29.00 sq m

  • Creates a healthier pool environment
  • Prevents the build up of excess chemicals
  • Heats your pool by up to 8 degrees
  • Significantly reduces evaporation
  • World patented technology that saves
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Aquavent™ Solar Pool Blanket/ Cover

Sunline Australia has more than 30 years of experience in the pool and leisure industry.  Working shoulder to shoulder with pool builders led the Sunline team to identify the increasing need to assist in the protection of pool users, pools, and equipment from the severe and damaging effects of over chlorination. With automatic dosage systems fast becoming industry standard, over chlorination is one of the most common ways to critically damage pool surfaces and its complimentary equipment. Aquavent™ has been specifically designed, developed and engineered to help protect pools and pool equipment from costly, irreversible damage. An Aquavent™ solar pool blanket will help create a healthier swimming environment for your family, helping maintain stable chlorine levels, to protect your pool and pool equipment. A 12 Year Warranty you’ll be covered for years to come.